Rock the RED!

There’s something timeless about red nails. The patent shine of scarlet lacquered digits is the ultimate accessory.

The right shade of crimson screams sophistication, class and attention to detail. It says to the world, “I care. I took the extra five minutes it takes to pull myself together.”

Pick the wrong shade of red and it can also say, “I have no idea of what is appropriate,” or “I’m cheap.”

Picking that perfect shade of red can be difficult. Just a hair too pink and you’re telling the world you’re a teenager. A tad too bright and you’re saying you’re starved for attention.

What’s a girl to do?!

I have a go-to red that has never let me down: Essie’s Wicked. Not too pink. Not too bright. Dark – but not too dark – this color oozes glamour without looking like you’re trying too hard. I consider it my signature color.

Grab Essie’s Wicked here and get glamorous!

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